Did you know...

          Every day it costs over $70 to feed our herd

          In 2018 SARI spent over $10,000 on hoof care alone

          The average age of a SARI horse is 17, with many in their senior years who require additional care!

The SARI horses are the backbone of our program.  They are carefully selected and trained to ensure they take careful steps under precious cargo.  In addition to their routine feeding and care, the herd requires monthly and annual care including hoof trimming and/or shoeing, vaccinations and teeth floating (filing!).  Sometimes, additional care is required to recover from injury or illness.  On average, the expense of a single SARI horse is $3,000 per year!

The SARI Adopt-a-Pony program gives corporations, groups and individuals the opportunity to cover the care of a horse with a $3,000 donation.  This “adoption” fee can be made in a lump sum or through monthly contributions; tax receipts are available.  Donors are recognized for their generosity with a sign on their sponsored horse’s stall, a framed photo of the horse to display, recognition on the SARI donor list, and a meet and greet opportunity with the horse (be sure to bring carrots!). 


Ready to consider helping a horse who is “Changing Lives, Stride by Stride”?  Meet the available equines here, then contact SARI for more information.