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Brings people and horses together in a mutually beneficial way.

The Grooming Program promotes social interaction by bringing people and equines together in mutually beneficial ways.  Participants enjoy grooming horses using a variety of tools, learning horsemanship skills through their connection with the horse, and even participate in leading the horse.  The Grooming Program is an opportunity for participants who may be deemed unsafe to ride, or who prefer to interact with horses on the ground.

Session: Once a week / session (Fall, Winter, Spring)

How to Apply:  

1. Download and complete the application package: "Program Application"

2. Submit application package to the SARI office.  Once received by the office, the applicant will be added to the program waitlist.

    ● When possible, applicants are chosen from the waitlist based on application received date.  However, SARI frequently makes choices from the waitlist based on the requirements of the spot we are looking to fill.

3. After being contacted to fill an available spot, submit payment for entire session to the SARI office.