Senior's Equine Experience


SARI Therapeutic Riding is excited to announce an Equine Experience Program for Seniors 55+. Through the generous support of the Government of Ontario, seniors 55+ are welcome to come to our horse farm for a uniquely tailored immersive encounter with our herd of horses. Through Equine Experiences groups of seniors of all abilities will benefit from social interaction, a stimulating farm environment, a beautiful outdoor setting, creating a bond with large sentient animals and meeting new people. Experiences may include a video presentation, tour, horse demonstration, and horse grooming.

Benefits of this program may include fostering a bond between equines and humans, promoting independence, reduced isolation, increased involvement in the community, and cognitive, social and physical health improvements.

Due to support from the Government of Ontario, there will be no fee for participants of this program through to March 2024.

One hour equine experiences will be offered for groups of 8-10 individuals. For individuals or smaller groups, please contact our Program Manager for a list of group times available to join.


To sign up or for more information, please email!